Old Fashioned with Irish Whiskey For St. Patrick's Day

Old Fashioned with Irish Whiskey For St. Patrick's Day

Irish Whiskey  Old Fashioned Cocktail

If green beer, Guinness and Margarita's are not your thing this St. Patrick's Day go for a classic Old Fashioned with Irish Whiskey. 

This is an St. Patrick's Day spin on a traditional recipe converted to make enough to please a group. 

Big Batch Old Fashioned Recipe:

1 Bottle Irish Whiskey   

1 ounce simple sugar

12 dashes Angostina Bitters

6 ounces water

Mix all ingredients together stir in a pitcher and pour over ice.  Option 1 oz Benedictine Liqueur.                                                                                                                    


Greet Your Guests With North Pole Nog This Weekend!

Straight from the North Pole Santa recommends that you take the stress out of entertaining this weekend by making a pitcher of North Pole Nog and spending time visiting with your guests rather than running a bar.  Simply pour over ice and serve.  

North Pole Nog

2 Cups Vodka

2 Cups Kahlua or Tia Maria

2 Cups Eggnog  (for a lighter version 1 cup milk and 1 cup eggnog)

1/8 Cup Water

Pour into a pitcher and stir.  Serve over ice in a cocktail or old fashion glass.  

copyright Denise Fleming 2015


Start Your Holiday Party With a Pitcher of Champagne Cranberry Cocktail

Cranberry Champagne Cocktail

What better why to greet your holiday guests than with a glass of a delightful champagne inspired cocktail.   

Champagne Cranberry Cocktail  

4 cups crushed ice  

2 cups cranberry juice  

1/2 cup ginger ale  

1/4 cup brandy  

1 bottle champagne or sparkling wine.

 Mix first four ingredients together in a pitcher.  

When guests arrive pour 2 oz of mixture into champagne flutes or coupes and top with 3 oz of champagne.                                                                                                                                                  Copyright Denise Fleming 2015


How To Create A Good Charcuterie Board

Good entertaining can be easy entertaining when you offer a charcuterie board.  This classic appetizer's presentation gets updated every decade but the key ingredients never change. 

Here are the components of a successful charcuterie:

Cured sausages
Cured, hard sausages there are  plenty of good options when it comes to cured, hard sausage. Try to  mix it up with complementary and contrasting flavors from hot and fiery to mild and sweet.

Whole-Muscle Cuts
Paper-thin whole-muscle cuts of cured meat, favourites include bacon, prosciutto, and beef tenderloin . 

Paté or terrine
A terrine or paté can be made from just about anything. I prefer a duck, rabbit or chicken and pork smooth pate.  Either way your goal is for slices that can be eaten in two to three bites, on top of toast or a cracker. PS there are some wonderful vegetarian and gluten free recipes.  

Bread or Crackers
Homemade toasts are good. Homemade toasts rubbed with quality olive oil and a cut clove of garlic are way better, says Mullen. Crackers are a no-fuss, open-the-package-and-go option, but no matter what you choose, you’re going to need something bready for guests to pair the meat with.  I always have a gluten free option for guests.

A spreadable chutney or jam is the perfect compliment to fatty, salty meat and cheese. You can never go wrong with a grainy mustard and tangy, tart pickles—cornichons are a classic choice.

So many choices from pumpkin seed, almonds to walnuts, pine nuts or pecans.   Create variety by offering an assortment of plain, seasoned and salted nuts.  Very popular is a mix fresh blueberries and salted smoked almonds.

For an easy and updated classic appetizer put out a charcuterie board and spend your time enjoying your event. 

copyright Denise Fleming 2015


2 Big Batch Negroni Recipes

I love a good Negroni Recipe.  

Here are two big batch recipes that we use for events.  Great to make a head for outdoor parties.  

The Traditional Negroni
9oz Dry Gin  you can substitute Vodka if you are a vodka fan
6 oz Sweet Vermouth
6 oz Campari
9oz Bottled water
A few slices of lemon or orange for garnish.  (this is a must it just the hint of citrus finished the drink). Makes 32 oz batch.

The Easy Non Traditional for those that like bubbles
I bottle Campari
I bottle Sweet Vermouth
1 bottle Prosecco
Pour over lots of ice or add 8oz of water  

Negroni is a slightly bitter and inspirational aperitif and a great way to start the evening.